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“I was tired of hearing about the frustration that women experience when desperately trying to find a wig service whilst battling a medical condition.”

Shirley Thornhill

From Thinning Hair & Hair Loss to Amazing Hair Confidence

All women should feel empowered. I am passionate about providing a professional and informed wig styling service for people suffering from all forms of hair loss and thinning, The Hair Coach is here to help find the right wig for you. Women leave my salon looking and feeling good, so they can confidently tackle every day.

My speciality is in first-time wig wearers. Sourcing, cutting, styling, and helping you choose the right colour and style for your wig, whilst educating you on everything you need to know about wearing wigs with confidence. With over 30 years of experience in the hair industry, The Hair Coach is focused on creating customised solutions.

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